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Unusual Magic – Flash Fiction Journal


By Caroline Beuley

All the women within the cabin clustered round Amber, our sleeping baggage organized in an ideal circle. Amber sat cross-legged atop her pillow, and with the flashlight held under her chin, her messy bun of crimson hair glowed like a flame within the darkness, flickering because the wind from the lake buoyed her curls.

She jiggled her knee and appeared round. Her leg brushed my arm. “Prepared?”

All of us nodded.

Cautious to not wake our counselor, Amber spoke in a low whisper. “So, the legend goes that this mountain was as soon as residence to witches. A whole coven.” Her gaze locked with mine, and my abdomen clenched.

“Is that why they name it Witch’s Kitchen?” a lady requested.

“Sure. And legend says that when our camp first arrange right here within the shadow of Crooked Again Mountain, witches nonetheless lurked within the woods.”

Goosebumps rose on my pores and skin.

Amber put her hand on my shoulder. “Some say they’re nonetheless right here.”

All of us gasped.

Amber poked me with the flashlight. “And this campsite—Witch’s Kitchen—is so named, as a result of it’s believed to be the unique website of the coven’s cauldron.” She prolonged the plastic flashlight, directing it in direction of the flickering embers of our campfire. “The place we toasted s’mores tonight is the place the legendary Black Cauldron is rumored to have sat for a lot of a millennia.”

One other collective gasp.

“What was the Black Cauldron used for?” I requested.

Amber held the flashlight underneath her chin and stared at every of us in flip. “Cooking youngsters!”

Our cabin erupted into shrieks of terror and laugher.

Amber laughed too and switched off the flashlight. “No person depart the campsite alone tonight—except you wish to be eaten by the witches.”

Extra shrieks greeted this proclamation, however as the women whispered to one another and settled into their sleeping baggage, Amber turned to me, caught her tongue out, crossed her eyes, and mimed dying.

I burst out laughing. After all she wasn’t scared.

Amber slid into her sleeping bag subsequent to mine and pinched my arm. “Did you want my story?” she whispered.

“I don’t know if I appreciated it.” The deep darkness round us appeared sinister. “However you undoubtedly have a expertise for storytelling.”

“All proper. I’ll take it.” She grinned, her tooth glinting in the dead of night. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” I stated and closed my eyes.

A chill breeze was blowing off the lake. I snuggled in nearer to Amber, who pressed up in opposition to me by means of our sleeping baggage. She rested her head on my shoulder, and I may odor her Secret Powder Recent deodorant and Pantene shampoo.

I fell asleep to the flickering lights of fireflies winking within the darkness and the creaking of branches.

A mild shake woke me. The moon hung excessive within the sky.

“Come on,” Amber stated. “Let’s go.”

“Go the place?” I requested. All the opposite ladies have been asleep.

“I wish to present you one thing,” she stated.

I may really feel her scorching breath on my cheek, and my abdomen clenched once more. “High quality,” I stated.

She held finger to her lips and beckoned me in direction of the bushes. After I slid out of my sleeping bag, she took my hand and led me into the woods.

Deep shadows enveloped us on all sides.

I shivered. “What concerning the witches?”

“We’ll simply must be very quiet,” she stated, “so that they don’t hear us.”

I clutched her hand tighter.

“Don’t fear. It’s not too far,” she stated.

We picked our means by means of the forest. Owls hooted within the branches above, and the moon hung low and luminous, casting a faint, silvery glow over the treetops. The air was chilly, however Amber’s hand was heat.

“There it’s. We’re going to must climb.” She pointed to a big sloping rock which appeared like a fallen meteor, jutting up crookedly from the earth.

“Climb?” I whispered. “Why?”

“You’ll see.” Amber winked.

And so we climbed. Amber let go of my hand and scurried up the rock face. When the rock flattened, Amber straightened. She held out her hand and pulled me up subsequent to her.

The rock had created considerably of a clearing, and—up right here, standing—I may see over the waving treeline. Crooked Again Mountain shot up from the information of the pines—its jagged, spiny crest shining within the moonlight. And above us, the mountain hung an inky black curtain of evening, strewn with glowing stars.

“Wow,” I stated.

“I do know,” stated Amber. “Have you ever ever been capable of see the celebrities so clearly?”

I shook my head. “It’s stunning.” Whereas I stared on the stars in surprise, I may really feel Amber’s eyes on me. I turned to face her.

She laced her hand in mine, and we stood there for some time, merely watching one another, each our palms linked, arms hanging in expectant parabolas.

An owl hooted. The bushes whispered. Shadows danced with the starlight.

After which her lips brushed mine. Such a delicate, transient flutter of contact that it may need been the wind had her lips not been so heat. Had it not been for that whiff of Pantene.

She drew again and whooped into the evening.

“What concerning the witches?” I requested.

Amber flashed me a mischievous grin. “What if we’re the witches?” she whispered.

I marveled on the mirrored moonlight glinting in her eyes and the unusual type of magic between us. I leaned in direction of her once more for one more kiss.

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