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Miller, Remarque, and The Maltese Falcon by Vincent Barry


Hubert strikes his ex’s mom right into a care house and displays on how our collected experiences deteriorate; by Vincent Barry.

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Del Río – Rachel’s new board and care house. ‘S the place I used to be this morning until eleven, with Caron, the Russian, though “Caron” sounds Greek to me. No matter, he is gonna deal with the transfer. Me, I am driving house and pondering of Miles Archer and tuned to NPR when –

Rachel? Oh, she’s my ex’s mom. Simply turned ninety-five and effectively into the territory of the enemy. Lengthy since breached its outer wall, so to say. Senility… Okay, “dementia,” as early-on my then-partner used to appropriate me insistently as a toothache.

“Not senility, Hubert,” like that – like a rasped Charlotte Haze, then reminding for good measure, her long-fingered fingers on massive, loosely hung hips, “not even ‘senile dementia’!”

“No matter, my love,” I might concede, just like the nymphet-obsessed Professor Humbert, mentally subjoining, Marcescent, nonetheless, figuring out full effectively, She’ll change her tune quickly sufficient. She did. Now, aside, we agree. Rachel wants to maneuver.

For the previous six years or so we have had Rachel in a type of so-called senior dwelling, fancy-schmancy locations simply throughout the river. You understand, “Giant courtyards, gardens and fountains, tranquil setting, spacious frequent areas for social gatherings and leisure – and simply blocks away from Concord Hopewell Hospital!” Ah! the lure of the brochure…

I name the place “Down However Not Out,” which, after all, pisses off my ex. She provides me the look of a nun’s reproof that claims: “Rachel is just not down, she’s simply -” “What?” I break in. “Resting in opposition to the ropes?”

I go to each Sunday.

We stroll and discuss and watch tennis – her love, not mine – on a giant flat display screen SONY. Borg and Connors, Evert and King – the Tennis Channel is aware of its market.

One Sunday, when Rachel may nonetheless use the distant, we watched “The Battle of the Sexes.” Y’know, Billie Jean King and Bobbie Riggs? If reminiscence serves, a long time later King defined why she, at 29, defeated the male chauvinist Riggs, who was 55 on the time: She revered him, she mentioned… Hmm, by no means underestimate your enemy. Phrases to reside by – die by, too.

“Promise to come back again,” from Rachel, haltingly and invariably, within the parking zone when I’m leaving and she will nonetheless totter.

“Attempt to hold me away,” and he or she smiles as I’m going my method, grateful for that the majority inestimable reward. Who mentioned it – of pretense? “We’ve got to fake. If we do not we’re misplaced.” Would not matter, whoever, lower to the short like a dagger. Whoever, knew that with out the power to fake, to giggle actually, there are solely skeletons and loss of life’s-heads.

“At present,” I say one Sunday of Rachel to my ex, “I seemed again and watched her hobble again, the again of her feebly waved deep-veined waxen hand knotted on the joints making my nerves twitch and pressure as if -” Like a visitors cop she stops me with upraised long-fingered, unringed hand, leaving me to muse about tarrying past the years of toil and hassle. Is it value all of the wrestle? What when life turns into not more than an train of respiratory?

“Bleak” and “gloomy,” she scolds, and “funereal” for good measure… “Stygian,” my retort.

“All I do know,” she continues of my visits, “Mother retains saying, ‘That husband of yours! That husband of yours!'” Rachel’s not good with names anymore, and we by no means instructed her we might cut up. “‘He sits proper right here'” – pointing right here so theatrically to a vacant, stuff-bottomed chair, that I can nearly see the senescent line of Rachel’s again – “‘and now we have a lot enjoyable!'”

“‘M glad it helps,” I muster like weak tea, and add with a contact of asperity, “‘S no massive deal.”

Of Rachel’s well-meant flummery: Credit score it to the precaution I take earlier than my excursions over to Concord Hopewell’s hospitable neighbor.

A Pressed Juicery bottle with the motto: “Get again to your roots.” For its aloe vera and water I substitute vodka – at all times “The Metropolis’s” SKYY – and a shot of tonic, at all times Canada Dry. Again to my roots…

So armed, it is not so unhealthy, going over – although, grantcha, a tad tiring to view, time after time, footage of Fred – that is Rachel’s second husband – that, and the household pictures that appear to multiply like rabbits and substitute for phrases, earlier than, their picture fading, they depart silence our solely dialog… that and the thwack! bwap! of “Historical past because it’s making!”

The worst half is traversing the lengthy, close-smelling hall to the condo, which occurs to be quantity thirty-three. I point out that, the room quantity, solely as a result of, arriving abuzz, exterior the door, after a loud revolting ding dong, I’m going to my go-to conversational icebreaker: “Thirty-three is a sacred quantity. God’s title seems thirty-three instances within the opening chapter of Genesis. Jesus died at age thirty-three.”

Like that, however this final time, proper earlier than the transfer, with one thing inchoately whizzing round in my head – or some inchoate factor whizzing… Anyway, my blooming, buzzing head apart, Rachel, for her half, listens, as at all times, on the opposite facet with, I think about, as at all times, no answering mild within the crags and straths of her wizened face, her jaws engaged on a phrase. It’s lastly, the breakthrough phrase, spoken gingerly, at all times, “Thachew?”

“It’s,” I at all times guarantee her, “me.”

“Some say,” I carry on, dandling my silly head back and forth as she cracks the door open, “we’ll exist eternally in a state of being on the age of thirty-three.” Then a pause until I detect, of their shimmering dot reflection, a humorous puckering of red-rimmed hole eyes, earlier than I add, “After all, pure surmise.”

There follows a loud silence earlier than, from Rachel, as if cued, a solemn requiescat in tempo, solely in English: “Relaxation his soul.” To which I reply, as at all times, like an altar boy at a Mass for the lifeless – no, no, extra like The Armed Man of “A Mass for Peace” – “Who’s that, Rachel?” and from her, antiphonally, “Jesus.” Then a respectful pause, as if for the deceased, earlier than getting into room thirty-three, cautious to close the door quietly behind me, as my mom would have me do had been she –

However allow us to not dwell on what’s previous, albeit not gone past grief. Agreed? Good.

As soon as inside I let – what? auto – auto – what’s that high-priced phrase as soon as memorized within the dim previous of youth for some standardized check or different? Ah! Sure, auto-auto, sure, it was that ages in the past committed-to-memory Greek-rooted barbarism “autoscheadiasm” that I then let carry us alongside, Rachel and me, just like the flotsam on the hushing river that secretes no secrets and techniques in its movement, for an hour or so earlier than we take our stroll…

She passes her arm via mine and clings to it like lagan to a buoy, a blue-veined bony hand every now and then tightening its maintain, above us the uninteresting growl of thunder gathering behind a financial institution of serried clouds. We pause earlier than birds of paradise… backyard sage… bougainvillea, gold and orange, purple and blue… Simply as marketed… All of the whereas, that-that, effectively, that inchoate one thing nags… And as I – very like her devoted swain Lou did Grace alongside the at all times turned on boardwalk of Atlantic Metropolis – as I Grandisonize Rachel again to room thirty-three, I make a psychological be aware to inform my ex of – of what? Hmm, of what I am not sure… besides that the time has come for a change.

Then COVID struck and Rach went into lockdown at $9K a month, and I did not see her once more till the transfer to $6K a month.

– A voice breaks into my revolving ideas, shilling a guide on “loss of life discuss” as our “final taboo,” I feel, as a result of, y’see, the voice is noisy and harshed, and Sam Spade is on my thoughts.

“Multi-source interference,” Enrique calls it, and advises a brand new antenna.

“Ooo actually?”

I choose sputtering rage and a great thwack, particularly at this cackling crackling, ‘cuz, y’see, as it will be, we had been simply discussing it, Caron and me, the so-called final taboo – that, and that I used to show it, method again when Kubler-Ross used to evangelise it, “the final taboo.”

Anyway, Caron says, outta the blue, of breaking a taboo, “It is a good factor.” How so? I naturally wish to know. “They’re hangovers,” he says.

“Taboos are?”

He nods, “The merchandise of diseased minds.”

“Whose minds?”

“Fearsome individuals,” he says, stirred, then flaming, “cowards, imposing the guise of morality and faith upon us!”

Nicely, that simply, y’know, blows me away ‘cuz, y’know, I do know my Henry Miller, and say as a lot. “You understand your Henry Miller,” I say.

“My god!” he goes reverently with folded fingers, and provides with bowed head, like a priest over a chalice, “The Rosy Crucifixion.”

Irony… How’s that for irony?

No? Okay, how about this then – irony whereas multi-tasking.

Rachel’s obituary. On the very second I am tuned to NPR and the final taboo, and pondering vaguely ’bout Caron, Henry and Sam, I am mentally drafting Rachel’s obituary.

Ah! “‘Thick,'” you now say, of the irony? Then agreed, we will proceed with the so-called final taboo, with a lot hoodoo.

As of it, the obit? – oh effectively, that is a piece in progress, is not it?

Suffice to say, my spark’s Remarque’s comment of loss of life notices.

“A quintessential homemaker and mom, an unselfish and self-sacrificing grandmother, cherished and mourned by -” etcetera and so forth until, effectively, all are made conscious {that a} wingless angel has left us with out our ever having been conscious – one thing of the type of Remarque’s retort backed up, after all, by Fauré’s “Critique of Jean Racine,” which, I do not know why, however at all times leaves me feeling – agleam.

Fear – it throws a giant shadow over small issues, the Swedes say. I am not a Swede, however I am going to take their phrase for it, assuming, after all, they’re from the north.

Fear – caring for her mom the previous – how lengthy now? – fear has worn down the as soon as assured, level-browed and guileless face to a protracted, pale wraith of – effectively, fear.

Stew and stress, hassle and concern, hint on pale boney brow… compress mouth… bracket its corners with crow’s toes… extinguish the lingering mild of girlhood leaving… effectively, Mom.

“I do not know the way far more I can take,” she says, again and again, precisely, and I imply precisely, as my very own mom mentioned years and years in the past. Abdomen most cancers. Brutal, particularly again then. Surgical procedure upon surgical procedure. “Bowel obstruction,” the euphemism of the day. Unplug? Disconnect?

Minimize off? There was, after all, nothing in these days to finish the struggling or, I swear, as younger as I used to be I might have completed it. Nothing. So I simply stood there, holding a clammy, blotchy hand, and listening to what I later discovered was the “loss of life rattle,” and vowing over and over by no means once more to let…

“I do not know the way far more I can take,” my ex goes, which is precisely what Rachel is telling me over and over upon a Sunday afternoon between Borg and Connors. And the extra her plaintiveness, the extra vapid my nostrum, “Now, now,” affecting that issues aren’t so what they’re – so death-sough.

Within the throes of terminal dementia, Rachel provides up pretending. She takes to howling. She is just not going light into that good night time, as did my mom, whimpering throughout Final Rites. Me, in my opinion – all I can do is scribble gibberish in a diary for each, as some nurse then, now, takes depart with a bow.

Of it, “I’ve seen ache,” a sparrow of a lady chirps considerably boastfully, “and this lady is
in ache.”

Of its nature or treatment she presents no thoughts earlier than flitting off precocially to, I suppose, considered one of like

Psychological anguish, my greatest guess, however I’m neither doctor nor ornithologist.
I do, nonetheless, know one thing about psychological anguish, as, say, when generally I howl like a
wolf taking part in Temptation on a kazoo over Child Blue. A dementia of kinds, Mr. Magoo?

Granted, “What’s previous… what’s previous hope… ought to be handed grief.” True, however it’s, and it’s not, just like the the flitting off sparrow of a lady not quickly forgot.

Previous hope… previous grief – what’s maintaining us from shifting on? Seroquel for Rachel. Cobalt blue for me, with its S curve label, its cable automotive and Golden Gate overlay, with higher loop inscription: “There are not any straight paths.” ‘S my reply to my ex’s, Rachel’s, my mom’s…

This morning my ex texts: “I do not know the way far more I can take.”

“The dose makes the poison,” Caron permits, which makes me consider the snake coiled across the bowl of Hygeia that, y’know, you generally nonetheless see in some pharmacies or the again of wailing EMT wagons? I like that – poison and care inextricably entwined…

“Small dose,” he goes on with a sq., finger-tip pinch.

A pinch of what, I ponder ingenuously, then – perhaps studying my thoughts? – he stops me with upturned talking hand that, frankly, makes me consider a clandestine assembly in a Berlin bolthole.

“The barbitals,” he whispers, leaning in, as if, maybe, of subversive subsequent door neighbors.

He means, I be taught, secobarbital and pentobarbital, and, with a smile, nods to my, “Nembutal?” and in a peculiar exaltation of thoughts’s eye I see a well-recognized grateful, feeble movement of a long-fingered, deep-veined, waxen hand.

‘S after I get it.

Now, perceive, Caron isn’t any doctor, however the factor is he is been caring for individuals like Rachel for a very long time, and he has gathered – what? effectively, name it native information, and I additional collect he has come to fancy himself one thing of a psychopomp – a Kubler-Ross of kinds?

Oh, after all, Ok-R was squishy on PAS – doctor assisted suicide – although she knew her 5 stage development was not inevitable…

Severely restricted speech, issue swallowing, incapability to stroll or sit upright with out help, agitation and restlessness; weeping; shallow breaths; pale, pleading, clean look of no recognition – effectively, you get the image, body after body, the relentless fixture… So, what stage is that, however the one, having develop into fools, we cry in? Did I point out the tearful, fearful, “I-want-to-go-home”?

She muttered that on Sundays previous, and I, in flip, may solely muster a weak, pathetic actually, “Do not all of us, Rach?”

I did not know what Rachel was pondering, if something, however in my opinion, To the place we began, and know the place for the primary time. That loud silent thought and a mere nod had been, as I say, pathetically, all I may supply on the time. And, to her weak and weeping, “Ma-ma,” nothing. All pretense gone.

Some pauses earlier than I serve as much as the Russian a muffled conscience bluff, “To not hasten -”

“After all, after all,” he reassuringly cuts in, fingers steepled prayerfully like an obsequious maître d’ or a gaunt and enormous jointed Mr. Sowerberry, and whispers, “only a deep sleep,” and I do know he means, “the remaining that precedes the good relaxation,” ‘cuz, y’know, I’ve learn my James…

All the way in which house I am tellin’ myself, When your accomplice is below hearth you are s’posed to do one thing about it. Would not matter she’s your ex. She’s your accomplice, and also you’re s’posed to do one thing about it. Most likely as a result of I noticed The Maltese Falcon for the umpteenth time final night time.

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