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When the elitist establishment of Ozymandias Academy and its headmaster, Vamon Kinctuarin, can’t discover a resolution to the town’s worsening drought, 2 self-taught magicians, Noah and his associate Manny, take it upon themselves to discover a resolution to the disaster.



Folks ask how Noah might probably flip down the Ozymandias Academy. All they learn about him is the headlines, they usually suppose he’s ungrateful. What you don’t get is that attending Ozymandias was Noah’s dream. Noah wished it worse than anybody.

Have you learnt the place he was on his fifth birthday? Sitting within the stained passenger seat of his mother’s clunker, bouncing with pleasure as a result of she was driving him to mail his software. He clutched the envelope in each palms so there was no probability of dropping it.

He requested his mother, “Do you know Vamon doesn’t want a wand?”

His mother teased him, “Vamon who?”

He sounded out the syllables. “Va-mon Kinc-tu-ar-in. He saved the entire world. He teaches at Oz-y-man-di-as.”

“That’s an enormous identify. Did he hearken to his mother?”

Noah sat up as if she had blasphemed. “Mother. He was an orphan.”

“And he grew to become a magician however didn’t want a wand?”

Noah began wheezing, like he had crickets in his lungs. He mentioned, “He might make daggers from nowhere, and one time he used bone magic so that every one the skeletons in a graveyard fought for him. When he was too drained, he magicked his personal bones to maintain combating in opposition to the Seraphs. All of it with no wand. Have you learnt what he used as a substitute?”

“Honey, take a puff of your inhaler.”

For a second Noah eliminated a couple of fingertips from the envelope, wiggling them like they have been capturing lightning by way of the windshield. “He did magic along with his palms.”

The subsequent gentle turned yellow and his mother rolled the automotive to a cease. Beneath that yellow site visitors gentle, Noah’s wheeze grew to become a brittle cough. It wasn’t phlegm. His shoulders rocked in opposition to the seat and he hugged his software letter to his chest. Preventing by way of the coughing, he mentioned, “Vamon’s going to resolve the drought. I’m going to assist.”

“Honey? Breathe. The place’s your inhaler?”

“I’m going to do magic with my—” His proclamation gave strategy to a peal of strangled coughs.

His mother held the inhaler up for him, however he couldn’t take the breath. The sunshine turned pink as she unbuckled herself to get at him. When she took him by the shoulders, he slumped into her aspect. That was the primary time Noah blacked out.

When the paramedics received him, he was nonetheless holding his software.




If the Ozymandias Academy accepts you, the picture of Vamon Kinctuarin visits you. He initiatives himself as a clear inexperienced specter. It’s custom or one thing. The 2 of you’re imagined to have an intimate dialog about the way forward for your schooling.

When he was ten, Noah had the clear inexperienced motion determine of Vamon on his particular person always. He requested it issues.

“Are you pleased with me?”

“Am I as courageous as you have been?”

“Are you fucking kidding?” his mother requested the receptionist on the clinic.

The receptionist barely moved, like this previous white woman was so drained she didn’t have power left for nodding. She mentioned, “They don’t cowl these checks no extra. You need to attempt St. Mary’s.”

“St. Mary’s despatched me right here,” his mom yelled, too indignant to persuade anyone, and too indignant to cease being indignant. “They’re not accepting anybody on account of the drought. My son turned ten in the present day and he has Cherub lung. Do you get that? Have you learnt what meaning?”

Noah had heard it earlier than, so he took his motion determine and a pen from the nurse’s station to fill out one other Ozymandias Academy software. He’d already despatched two that yr, however there was a rumor on-line that they’d some dropouts throughout spring break.

The receptionist mentioned, “I didn’t defund the plan. There’s no cash for something no extra. It’s all going to the water disaster.”

“I don’t give a shit about water if my son isn’t going to be right here to drink it.”

Their argument reminded Noah of one thing: The Ozymandias Academy had received a bunch of grants from the water disaster fund. He added a PS to his letter asking how their aquamancy program was going since he had some concepts for increasing it. His thoughts fuzzed out in the course of writing.

The subsequent factor he knew, he was on the prickly brown carpet, wanting up at his mother. Cherub lung had made him black out once more. That was getting extra widespread.

He panicked till he discovered his software letter. It was beneath him. He requested, “Can we mail this wherever we’re going subsequent?”

Carrying him out of the clinic, she mentioned, “If you wish to be a wizard so unhealthy, why don’t you examine that shit by yourself?”




It was Noah’s fifteenth birthday when Vamon lastly visited.

It was midafternoon. Noah was in his bed room with the blinds drawn like an appropriately pissy teenager, hunched over his concentrator rig. A concentrator is a kind of “child’s first levitation” kits, a collection of glass rods with minor magical cost that may float briefly within the air. Noah repurposed the package to attract water from the air itself. After every week of tedious experiments, he had a cup one-quarter filled with water. Or was that three-quarters empty?

The remainder of the cup stuffed with inexperienced spectral presence, and there got here the picture of a wizened man carrying spectacles and a pointed hat. Vamon threw his arms out and bellowed, “Noah Byrne, I welcome you to this autumn’s class of the Ozymandias Academy of Magic and Thriller. It’s time to create what endures.”

Noah held on to his desk as if to stop himself from floating away, “Is that this actual?”


Noah tried to swallow. “I received the scholarship? Actually?”

Vamon’s well-known voice boomed, “There’s very restricted monetary help for college kids who be a part of the academy as late as you. The acceptance itself is a miracle.”

“My mother simply got here off three back-to-back shifts. Please maintain your voice down.” Noah certain wasn’t floating now. His elbow bumped a stack of payments and denial letters from health-care suppliers. He requested, “What did I qualify for? We’re worse than broke.”

Vamon folded his arms down on the fifteen-year-old boy. “Greatness requires sacrifices.”

Noah felt a burn in his veins, like he was poisoned with a Seraph’s venom. He gestured to the glass concentrator on his desk, and the quarter-full cup. “I made water. I used the magical processes I talked about in my software. It wants work, nevertheless it’s actual water. If you happen to assist me get in, I’ll do no matter I can to make this fill Ozymandias’s reservoirs.”

The specter of his hero regarded cursorily over the concentrator. “Quaint. Second-year college students do higher of their first week.”

“Have you ever received water at Ozymandias?”

Vamon’s voice shook the partitions. “We now have infinity. Are you going to show down the invitation of a lifetime?”

“If in case you have infinity, can’t you assist me out? Folks helped you out once you have been a child.”

“Me?” Vamon scoffed. “I received the place I’m by working more durable than anybody else.”

“Yeah, you labored arduous,” Noah mentioned, an asthmatic rasp climbing in his voice. He reached for his inhaler. “However you had your inheritance, and people legendary guardians, and all your folks. With assist, you stopped the Seraph. All I’m asking for is a bit of the provide help to received.”

“It is a disappointment, Noah,” mentioned his hero. “This acceptance ought to’ve gone to somebody who really wished it.”

Noah says he didn’t cry, however every time he tries to inform this story he winds up coughing till he passes out earlier than he can end. I do know he tossed his inhaler on the specter and screamed each expletive he knew. What made him cease was listening to his mom stir within the different room, and the wave of guilt that introduced on. He couldn’t converse with out yelling, and he couldn’t yell with out robbing his mother of sleep. After all he collapsed.

He lay on the ground for hours after the phantom of his hero walked out on him.




You could possibly inform Noah was a sensible man as a result of he watched my channel. MX_POTLUCK was (and nonetheless is, thanks) your one-stop store for sensible magic ideas and horror film opinions. At the moment, my channel had already been banned twice for discussing forbidden arts. I all the time knew I used to be onto one thing when my channel received flagged.

Noah’s was one of many whopping twenty-seven views I received on my first video about Seraph bones and the composition of wands. I used to be actually into hypothesis on what Ozymandias did with Seraph bones to construct their magical units, and the way a lot angelic magic lingered after the dying of an angel. In the meantime, Noah was scraping the web for information on how one can construct his personal wand.

He saved stepping into fights in my remark sections. You’ll be able to’t inform everyone’s age, however the zeal he had for arguing with randos screamed “teenager with an excessive amount of free time.”

And he was often proper. He wouldn’t let anybody shit-talk my pronouns. My favourite was, How’re you going to memorize spells in useless languages should you can’t even bear in mind ze/zir?

And in the event that they made enjoyable of my wheelchair? He’d spew flames earlier than I even had the prospect to ban them. I nonetheless banned them, after he murdered them with phrases. Finally we began DMing, typically about magic, typically anime GIFs. We spent a whole lot of Friday nights sending one another “bone magic” jokes. We have been so unhealthy at flirting.




We have been going to see a kind of angel-themed horror motion pictures that boomers say are tasteless due to the warfare, however I simply can’t get sufficient of them. Have you ever ever watched one? These whirling CGI nightmares of limbs coming after individuals who can’t act? It’s hilarious.

I picked the park the place we’d meet. Noah was going to put on a pirate shirt and I used to be nonetheless so nervous that I wouldn’t acknowledge him. I really acknowledged him by his coughing.

He was the one man on that sidewalk on his knees. This chonky white boy, this absolute unit with Starburst-strawberry-pink cheeks as he coughed like he was making an attempt to expel his personal lungs. Noah tried to prop himself in opposition to a mailbox and pose, as if he was merely casually dying.

Have you learnt how cute he regarded? I wished to place him in my pocket and maintain him endlessly.

As his respiratory calmed, he requested, “You’re Mx. Potluck?”

I wheeled myself up the dip on the curb and over to him. “We’re in public, dude. Name me Manny.”

We frolicked in Danielson Memorial Park, the place the primary Seraph was introduced down. All of the wreckage has been paved over, lives changed with sculpture gardens. On scorching days like that one, the place smells inexplicably of contemporary rubber. I regarded on the floor, feeling nostalgic. After I was little, earlier than my kidneys turned in opposition to me, I used to come back right here on a regular basis.

I scratched the toe of my shoe in opposition to the filth and mentioned, “I all the time wished to seek out Seraph bones buried someplace round right here.”

Noah turned a bitter expression on the grass. “Yeah, I dug right here too.”

I requested, “Actually?”

“Then I realized that Ozymandias had stripped each bone fragment out of the town lengthy earlier than we have been born. They don’t need anybody else doing magic.”

I caught out my tongue. “Yeah, we’re so irresponsible.”

Noah and I sat on the picnic desk beneath the shadow of the wing of a statue of a useless angel, in a spot the place the angle meant all we might see was the wing, and never the conquering wizard standing over it. We bullshitted there for an hour, exhibiting off the petty magic tips we knew. He confirmed me how he manipulated water actions by way of air utilizing his glass rods. I levitated his used tissues right into a trash can. It was that embarrassing. When he made a enjoying card “disappear” up his sleeve, I choked alone spit laughing.

The showtime for the film was drawing close to. I used to be working up the nerve to ask if he’d ever been on a date earlier than, which was my tremendous sly means of determining if we have been on a date. Galaxy-brain teenager shit, proper?

Then a fireplace truck screeched previous us. Two extra adopted it, and Noah requested if we might skip the film. I used to be going to mock him for being paranoid after I observed how tough he regarded. His lungs have been nearly as unhealthy as my kidneys, and the smoke received him earlier than I might odor it. We couldn’t see the hearth and it was killing him.

My place was the best choice, because it was nearer. We livestreamed the hearth for hours. I’d felt how achingly dry it was with out contemplating that previous buildings would possibly go up. It took the authorities one other two hours to pipe in water to that district to start combating it. Someone aimed a webcam at a close-by storm drain to movie all of the gallons of brown water that got here streaming out of these ruined buildings. After we noticed individuals attempt to drink that water, I turned it off. We watched a horror film to attempt to take our minds off it.




The subsequent day was what set Noah off.

Our metropolis was within the high three worst hit by the drought in the whole nation. The governor organized a take care of magical establishments from across the globe to assist. We begged for any person to come back cease residence buildings from burning down.

The bottom bidder was the Ozymandias Academy. There have been so many movies of their cavalcade of black automobiles rolling as much as the capitol. Vamon Kinctuarin held a press convention from in entrance of an empty dam and mentioned, “We’re right here to make sure nobody suffers additional indignity.”

The Ozymandias Academy took management of all water provides and municipal sources. That meant everyone on my block might count on our taps to work for one hour a day. The identical on Noah’s block.

I didn’t hear from Noah all afternoon. His mother took his telephone and shut off the Wi-Fi so he couldn’t say something public and get in bother. She’s good as hell.

She known as me over. Noah had had two assaults in a single afternoon triggered by his manic anger. And the way swollen was his hand? He didn’t have hand issues. He’d been punching his ground, leaving his fingers in a number of shades of baked ham.

I’d been that mad earlier than. That’s why I knew how one can be constructively imply.

I requested, “How the fuck are you going to do magic within the hospital?”

Noah muttered, “Shut up.”

“Like I ever shut up,” I mentioned. “Do you suppose Vamon felt that? Is he hidden beneath the ground?”

“Shut the fuck up.”

“Since you beat your hand so unhealthy you received’t jack off for a month. Vamon doesn’t give one tiny, miniscule rattling. Town’s carrying his luggage when you’re right here selecting your fingernails off the ground.”

He checked out me. “So?”

“So do you wish to maintain hurting your self, or do you wish to harm them?”



I requested, “How can we kill a drought?”

Noah sat again, smug, on his mattress. “The way in which I begin all my analysis.”

Noah went to one of many huge boards—I received’t identify it, however one the neckbeards in your life most likely frequent. He used my VPN and created a brand new account. He typed up a put up with the topic line: “WHY CAN’T THEY JUST DRINK OCEAN WATER?”

His put up was trash. He thought each current pipe system might take the identical quantity of water. He wished to disperse water utilizing aquamancy that “actually everyone is aware of how one can do.” His put up known as the federal government and the wizard trade lazy for not considering of utilizing oceans as water provides.

I learn it between my fingers. “It’s salt water, Noah. You’d die of dehydration ingesting it.”

He posted it anyway. Thirty-two minutes later, a mod locked his thread.

In these thirty-two minutes, he received greater than 600 feedback correcting each angle of his unhealthy assumptions. Extra commenters than you’d suppose linked to exterior articles. We have been barraged with beginning factors to our analysis.

Noah mentioned, “There isn’t a instructional useful resource within the cosmos better than a nerd who thinks you’re fallacious.”

Each time we hit a wall in our plan, we made one other account and trolled boards pretending to be somebody who believed what we really wished to do was unimaginable. We by no means thought we have been smarter than everybody else; we simply needed to trick individuals into making us smarter.

We didn’t invent the wand or Wi-Fi or the keyboard. We wished so as to add one thing to the large pool of concepts so everyone might use it.




I don’t know which was more durable: crunching the equations, or tutoring individuals and promoting stuff to fund our experiments. We couldn’t check most of our theories since we didn’t have entry to a wand. It was so exhausting, I didn’t understand a few of my issues weren’t from exhaustion. I handed out a couple of instances. These have been warning indicators.

We have been so excited. By researching cutting-edge water-treatment crops and new papers on the aquamancy of water disbursement and necromancies associated to killing off micro organism and neutralizing pollution, we received near an concept.

I fiddled with the final horror toy I hadn’t offered, and I requested, “Are we near an concept that the Ozymandias Academy already has?”

Noah mentioned, “If they’ll’t do higher than us with the whole world bankrolling them? Then screw them.”

Within the months we labored, Ozymandias had scarcely supplied water to anyone. Just a few upscale neighborhoods received some reduction—those the place Ozymandias’s huge donors lived. You most likely noticed the video of the shirtless pharma bro watering his garden and threatening to name the cops on children for filming him.

The identical day that video went viral was the day we constructed our wand. An actual wand. It was a ravishing piece of shit.

For the remainder of our lives we’d by no means have the ability to afford an official licensed one. It needed to be homebuilt. We used a hole shaft that I received in a contest, carved from a scrap of a thousand-year-old fossilized tree that saints used to meditate beneath. By the point we examined our spell with it, it contained equal elements Seraph bone mud and duct tape.

Noah working round his room with the wand was the purest factor ever. He wore a welding visor and firefighter gloves simply in case. He didn’t even use it for magic at first. Climbing atop his mattress and posing like he was capturing lightning made him so stupidly completely satisfied.

I bear in mind all of it till I don’t bear in mind any of it. That was one of many days I handed out.




Trolls blame me. They are saying I didn’t assist a lot with the analysis. Generally I’ll get requested, “If you happen to have been so essential, how come you weren’t within the reveal video?”

Who do you suppose was filming the video, genius? This film nut. That’s who. I took the time to discover a spot with good lighting and to get the framing proper—in panorama mode, which is a superb trendy discovery some wizards ought to make.

I parked my chair far sufficient away to get a very good shot of Noah and anyone who handed by. He had his little desk and free water signal. A shocking variety of individuals trusted him sufficient to cease. Extra wished a sip than wished to speak.

They lingered, although, after he made the empty cups refill in entrance of their eyes.

“The place’s it hidden?” requested a middle-aged girl who checked beneath his desk for a hose. There wasn’t any.

He waggled his wand. “It’s not a trick. It’s a brand-new spell.”

Folks drank. A few previous chess gamers cut up a cup to chill their brows. One man in a blue three-piece go well with actually tossed a complete cup of water onto himself and ran away cheering. This metropolis was thirsty.

Quickly I wasn’t the one one filming him. I’m just a bit bitter that he went viral on any person else’s channel. And their video was in portrait mode and missed half of it. The web has no style.




For 2 weeks, Noah Byrne was probably the most well-known wizard in America. He had extra Google hits than any Ozymandias alumni. We have been petty sufficient to examine.

Everyone wished the key. The federal authorities despatched us scary-sounding letters. We received an equal variety of affords from brokers and attorneys. Each main wizard affiliation known as, together with the Ozymandias Academy.

Ozymandias didn’t simply wish to know the key. They wished to personal it. It’s why we rushed our patent declare—in order that they couldn’t snoop the invention and attempt to steal it from beneath us. Neither of us might afford to go to the locations they gatekept. We weren’t letting the key of potable water turn into some firm’s premium function.

Noah requested me, “How can we get it to everyone? How can we distribute this in all places?”

I snarked, “We might inform the web it’s unimaginable and see in the event that they repair the issue for us. Assume you could be annoying sufficient to idiot them into altruism?”

He gave me a hug and nuzzled into my shoulder for a bit. Most {couples} would’ve kissed there and ridden off into the sundown. We weren’t into allosexual stuff. I most popular a very good hug.

I ought to’ve realized one thing was fallacious when his hug harm my aspect so badly.




It’s humorous that the web blames me for all the things, since I don’t bear in mind most of what occurred subsequent. I used to be aware for lower than half of it.

TL;DR: My kidneys shut down, and that prompted a cascade of compromised organs to additionally fail. I awoke with tubes in all places and machines blinking over me. I used to be too weak to maneuver my head. All I might take into consideration was that previous story of wizards utilizing bone magic to maneuver themselves when their our bodies have been failing.

I lay there beneath Noah’s mournful gaze, like he was at my wake as a substitute of my bedside. My aunts had undoubtedly talked to him. We have been behind on funds for my earlier therapies. There was no means we might afford what was going to come back subsequent.

Trying up at him, I mentioned, “Possibly we should always’ve studied bone magic as a substitute.”

“Come on, Manny. You’re going to be high quality.”

“Consider the cool skeleton associates you’d have.”

“Can I do something for you? I might placed on a scary film. It may be as trashy as you need.”

My eyes have been so drained that I closed them. “If you happen to actually wish to do one thing for me . . .” I trailed off, main him.

“Yeah? What would you like?”

“Are you able to magic me a glass of water?”

I do know he would’ve elbow dropped me to dying if I wasn’t already dying. It felt so good to get on somebody’s nerves. I laughed till I drooled, and I drooled a lot it received in my left ear.

All the heat that introduced me drained away when a inexperienced specter materialized. It was Vamon Kinctuarin. His specter made him look taller than he actually is and improved his complexion. He stood outdoors the door of my hospital room, like a vampire that wanted to be invited in.

Noah stormed out of the room, assembly him within the corridor. He didn’t need Vamon anyplace close to me. He was an actual sweetheart.

The very first thing I bear in mind listening to was Vamon saying, “I’m right here to assist.”

Between each breath, cricket sounds raged in Noah’s chest. “We didn’t invite you right here. Get out.”

“You’re a pushed younger man. You utilized to the academy repeatedly. Ozymandias may help your buddy.”

“Manny is greater than a buddy. And ze doesn’t belief you, and neither do I.”

“The cash the Ozymandias Academy is providing will allow you to rent whoever you do belief to assist.”

There was a pause. I strained to pay attention.

Noah mentioned, “What are you asking me?”

“To assist us obtain the better good.”

“You may have individuals within the patent places of work. the key by now. Go use it.”

“The Ozymandias Academy doesn’t spy.”

Noah made a crackly half-cough, half-laugh. He gestured along with his inhaler. “Everyone is aware of you do. However I received’t sue should you use it. That’s what you need, yeah?”

“We want greater than that.”

“I don’t get it. I already mentioned you should utilize our spell. What’s it you need?”

Vamon’s voice deepened. “No group on the planet does extra good by way of proudly owning patents than the Ozymandias Academy.”

“You wish to personal our fucking patent? No. I’ll fucking die first.”

“It’s not your dying that you simply’re involved about.”

That’s why these motherfuckers from the Ozymandias Academy present up as phantoms. When Noah threw his inhaler at him, it handed proper by way of his emerald inexperienced picture. Noah threw that, then my lunch tray, then the desk it had sat on. Issues clattered and rained down on the linoleum ground, and if I might’ve sat up, I might’ve handed him my IV stand to throw too.

The subsequent factor on the ground was Noah, sinking to his knees in a coughing match. The cricket-chirp sounds of his respiratory swarmed. He couldn’t combat Vamon and the Ozymandias Academy. He might barely combat for breath.

We needed to signal.




The morning I used to be discharged was the most well liked on document. Simply wanting on the sliding glass doorways felt prefer it’d burn my fingertips. Beneath my robe, I felt like a bunch of steaks any person stapled collectively that the medical doctors had mistaken for a survivor. Possibly the warmth on the market would cook dinner me.

Noah mentioned, “Don’t have a look at the web. It’ll make it worse.”

I regarded. That very same morning, Ozymandias had launched a press release saying they’d cracked the water disaster whereas “working with formidable amateurs.” Full water provides have been restored to a restricted variety of counties round our state. Movies confirmed sprinklers in wealthy neighborhoods, few of them really in our metropolis.

The Ozymandias Academy helped a water park reopen. That was the better good our breakthrough went to. To “give everybody a spot they are often refreshed”—at a public enterprise that charged $99.99 per admission.

I went again to my aunts’ residence, the place the faucets have been all dry. Noah got here with me. Legally, I’m going to say we dwelled in our defeat and did completely nothing.

Legally, I’m going to say it wasn’t us. I used to be half useless. We have been simply formidable amateurs. How might what occurred subsequent have been us?




Whoever did it was fucking good, although.

Someone took our patented spell—now it was the Ozymandias Academy’s patented spell—and posted each element about it on one of many largest boards on the web. They used a VPN and a brand new account so there was no tracing who did it.

By the point the Ozymandias Academy’s attorneys received the discussion board to delete it, the data had been downloaded 13,642 instances.

After that, there was no squashing it. These individuals downloading it weren’t simply companies that Ozymandias might sue into submission. Each wizarding fanatic on the planet might entry this data. When Ozymandias complained about it, extra individuals regarded it up. It unfold to hundreds of different locations, some in nations that don’t care about mental property rights. The web grew to become a military of cool necromancied skeletons, rising again and again to maintain the combat going.

The Ozymandias Academy threatened to sue Noah and me.

Noah informed them, “Our work was contributed to by numerous of different aspiring wizards throughout the web. Any of them might have carried out this. I didn’t ship shit. Manny, did you?”

I used to be too busy snickering. Just a few hours earlier I’d wiped my arduous drive, for completely unrelated causes. Completely unrelated.

As I completed reformatting, Noah mentioned, “Manny, come see this.”

He popped open my window and caught his head outdoors to stare.

I wheeled my means over to him. By means of the window, crisp air swirled in by way of my room, like the primary breath you are taking after a nightmare. It was a rattling sight much less scorching than something within the forecast for in the present day. It was downright humid. I didn’t perceive till I noticed the grey clouds.

There have been individuals on each roof I might see from the window, and others working alongside the road. It was like spontaneous block social gathering, with everyone wanting up on the sky. Little pinpricks appeared alongside my windowsill, and the automotive roofs and awnings throughout the road. People carried empty pitchers and cups to catch what fell. One thing cool spattered in opposition to the again of my proper hand.

The individuals of this metropolis took our secret and used it to make rain. It went on for hours and hours, one in every of which grew to become a viral phenomenon. Viral rainfall. 1000’s of individuals pooled no matter scraps of magic they’d so that everyone, regardless of how particular they have been imagined to be, would have sufficient to drink.

It was smarter than something Noah or I ever thought to do. One thing you could possibly solely do as an enormous group. All of you actually taught us.


“D.I.Y” copyright © 2022 by John Wiswell
Artwork copyright © 2022 J Yang

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